Mail.Ru, Yandex in talks with WOT
N 10 August 2012

Mail.Ru, Yandex in talks with WOT

Mail. Ru and Yandex are currently involved in negotiations with WOT Services, a Finnish company that runs Web of Trust (WOT) website reputation rating tool.

Mail. Ru has confirmed partnership with WOT, and said it wood soon add the Finnish company’s utility to its promoted browser and its electronic payment system, where WOT will warn users about potentially fraudulent websites. The tool, however, turned out to impossible to integrate with Mail. Ru’s search engine.

Yandex representatives said they were still considering partnership with WOT. «We are currently assessing WOT’s data quality. We are not yet sure the data can be useful for us», said the company’s Ochir Mandzhikov.

WOT has a community of 86 m users who have installed the company’s add-on to their browser, rating sites in terms of security, financial services quality and presence of illegal content, such as child pornography. WOT’s current partners include Facebook and other major Internet services.