Online seminar and video conference services merge
N 21 September 2012

Online seminar and video conference services merge online seminar service and COMDI, a platform that helps run video conferences, have announced their decision to merge. Aleksander Alpers,’s founder, will become the new company’s CEO, and COMDI founder Dmitry Grin will be Product Director.

Other board members will also include Viktor Belogub, who will represent COMDI’s principal investor VTB Bank, and Renat Khasashin of Aarhus Global Vetures (Webinar investor).

«This is a unique situation, perfect for merger: two competitors complementing one another. has a working sales strategy and a strong brand identity, while COMDI has a unique technology and a great team of developers, a basis on which the product can evolve further», Alpern has said.

The company’s management is convinced its new, HTML5-based product, t will «change the existing view of web conference services» and help it become a prominent player in the global market. The company plans to enforce its presence in the countries of the former USSR and to expand further to other markets. «We will immediately take more than 60% of the market in Russia and the CIS, we won’t be waisting our efforts on competing one another, but rather consolidate our knowledge and experience in order to create a break-through product», Alpern explained.

Experts believe the world’s web conference market may reach $3.1 bn. value by 2015. Russia’s current market is estimated at $ 9 to 11 m, and is expected to grow up to $100 m by 2015.