Government bodies to publish 500 open data items by mid-2013
N 1 February 2013

Government bodies to publish 500 open data items by mid-2013

Four Russian federal-level government bodies have published roughly 50 sets of open data in machine-readable format; and by next Summer, ten times as much information will be made available to the public.

The move is in line with State Duma's latest legislation that passed the first reading on 15 January. The draft law, expected to be passed by the parliament and signed by President Vladimir Putin, will require both federal and local state bodies to make information related to their work available to the public via the Internet. Lawmakers hope the new law will help make state bodies more transparent. On the other hand, the initiative is expected to help create a new market of open data-based services and applications offered by independent developers.

The Ministry for Economic Development has asked the Higher School of Economics to survey experts fr om major Internet companies on the topic of what data Russian business would be most interested to see made public. Most of those asked agreed information on state procurement operations, points wh ere public services are provided, databases of draft laws, Rosstat's official statistical data and the State Register of Companies would be most welcome, along with various data on the environment, education and healthcare.

Said ministry has already made public a few official registers, such as the list of state-owned companies, among others. Communications Ministry published the list of state-run 'information systems', Ministry of Education - the data of budget assignations to reform of educational system in the regions, and the Federal Tax Service has opened its report on income tax.