N 11 February 2013

Prime Minister to create 'Open Data Council'

Russia's Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has agreed to create a special working group to oversee the publication of open data by government offices and institutions. The official made the announcement last week at a meeting with Open government experts.

A presidential decree of last May required all government bodies to make open data in their information systems by mid-2013. The 'Open Data Council' announced by Mr Medvedev, will include both state officials and industry representatives, and have a task of coordinating various government institutions involved in open data publication.

Experts speaking at the meeting with Medvedev came forth with a few suggestions on what can be done in the future in relation to open data. Sergey Plugotarenko, Director at the Russian Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC), suggested that the issue be widely discussed during the RIF+KIB conference in April. Organised by RAEC, the meeting is the country's biggest forum related to Internet, communications and IT business. Yandex Public Affairs Director Marina Yanina suggested a grand competition between developers creating apps based on open government data.