.yandex top-level domain registered
N 22 May 2013

.yandex top-level domain registered

Yandex' application to register .yandex top-level domain has been approved by ICANN.

"At this stage, we plan to use the domain for ourselves", the company's press service stated. "we have many regional domains: yandex.ua, yandex.kz, etc. Most likely, .yandex will have all the same kind of dat a: search, our services, company information. When people get used to top-level domains, then it may be handier for them to use .yandex".

Russia's other Internet giant, Mail.Ru, also looking forward to entering the international market, earlier chose to register my.com domain, instead of becoming one of many bidders applying for .mail.

Having a top-level domain zone of your own may be prestigious, but also very expensive, says Andrey Kolesnikov, head of Coordination Center for TLD RU/RF. The application to ICANN alone comes with a $185,000 fee, and technical maintenance andmarketing of the top-level domain costs about a million a year, compared to only $10 for a second-level domain.